Nikhil Rajagopalan // Copywriter

Penguin needs a merchandise strategy to make the brand nostalgic for Gen Z readers.

Gen Z's nostalgia is vicarious: a longing to experience a generation they weren't alive for.

Penguin will plant the seeds of nostalgia through touch, smell, and sound.When Gen Z go down memory lane, they also fondly remember Penguin.

Readers get a free, prepaid postcard with select Penguin books. Their friends get a heartfelt message that they cherish & remember.

Penguin x Floral Street: Limited-edition fragrances at book stores Fragrances are crafted and named based on the book's genre.

Lingering scent + Penguin book = Nostalgia and recall power.

Limited edition vinyl records with conversations from the authors are sold on Penguin’s website.


Art Direction, Copy, & Strategy