Nikhil Rajagopalan // Copywriter

Dogged by scandals, ‘Wells Fargo’ and ‘customer trust’ can’t exist in the same sentence. With COVID-19 on the wane, small, cash-only businesses are back. Wells Fargo will partner with, and promote, great, cash-only local businesses to win back public favor.

>>“Don’t forget the cash!” <<

Print ads are placed close to New Yorker institutions like McSorley's which are cash-only.

QR codes point to the closest Wells Fargo ATM.

At farmers' markets you should buy tokens with a credit card if you don’t have cash, spending more than what you bargained for. Wells Fargo puts up print posters in the vicinity.

The wall space next to an ATM is never used. We put up simple posters to encourage customers to visit the restaurants and food trucks nearby.

To close the loop, the Wells Fargo mobile app will have a dedicated map highlighting all the great cash-only or cash-preferred establishments within a few blocks of the customer's location.